NAWLA Executive Director Announcement

If you've been part of this organization for any length of time, it's likely you've had some interaction with our executive director, Marc Saracco. He has done a spectacular job of leading our staff team since NAWLA transitioned to SmithBucklin in 2014, and has become a familiar and trusted face in our industry.

Last week, Marc shared with NAWLA leadership that he and his fiancé Kelly would be relocating from Chicago (where NAWLA's headquarters are located) to the Los Angeles area, due to an outstanding professional opportunity for Kelly. We all know when something is too good to pass up, we must leap. That is exactly what Marc and Kelly intend to do.

Marc will attend the Leadership Summit in April, and remain on as NAWLA's executive director until later this year, when a new executive director is identified and put in place. Starting April 16, he will be managing the team remotely, which, in this era of electronic communication and teleworking, shouldn't be an issue. He will also be in Chicago regularly to assist with this transition.

Our long and flexible runway with this transition will allow NAWLA to select the very best hands in which to entrust our organization moving forward. The Executive Committee and Board of Directors will work closely with SmithBucklin on the selection process, and we will ultimately make the decision as to who will be Marc's successor. With 125 years of history, we know a thing or two about the forest products industry. With nearly 70 years of experience, our partner, SmithBucklin, knows a thing or two about managing professional organizations, and we look forward to their guidance as we proceed with the search and onboarding process.

I'm certain that the executive committee and the entire board of directors joins me in wishing Marc all the best in this next phase of his life. In the meantime, it's business as usual for us at NAWLA, and we look forward to serving you and our organization well.


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Nick Fitzgerald

Chairman, NAWLA

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