NAWLA Executive Management Institute

EMI Testimonials

The 2015 NAWLA EMI provided a great opportunity for tomorrow's executives to gain the skills necessary to excel. See some of the great things graduates are saying about the program.

"The financial training will help me to better prepare for Board meeting discussions and financial analysis of investments in operations. I will also be working toward better supply chain management. Those areas were most helpful." - Dan Semsak, Pacific Woodtech Corporation

"Attending the EMI has given me a more well rounded view of the business principles required to set goals, delegate accordingly to reach those goals, and incentivising fairly and properly to maintain a high level of employee focus and moral." - Mike Lind, National Industrial Lumber Company

"EMI encompassed the wide variety of challenges that face LBM executives and reinforced the principles need to succeed." - Jason Rastad, Sherwood Lumber