2016 Traders Market Attendee Testimonials

"The Traders Market was a great opportunity to meet with current suppliers in order to establish more solid business relationships that can potentially increase the amount of transactions we currently do. It was also a chance to get to know more contacts in the industry all in one place." -- Dianne Angulo, Natural Trade Ltd

"Meeting new and existing people all in one geographical location. This event is a perfect way to expose our personnel that are not always directly linked to the commerce side of the business." -- Bobby Byrd, RoyOMartin

"Having the "face to face" opportunity to meet with multiple customers and vendors in one location is not only efficient but a much more personable and enjoyable way to do business." -- Adrian van Nieuwkerk, Ivor Forest Products Ltd

"Meeting customers/potential customers face-to-face in invaluable. The Traders Market is my opportunity to represent our company and inform the public of all the things we are up to. Doing newsletters/announcements has been positive but it still can't beat the face-to-face interaction." -- KayCee Hallstrom, Zip-O-Log Mills, Inc.

"It is a unique opportunity for decision makers from several of our business segments to gain the same knowledge about our supply lines as our key contacts have. This is always a great chance to cross culture products and relationships among several divisions at an accelerated pace." -- Bob Hanson, Weekes Forest Products

"I got to put a lot of faces to names of people I have dealt with over the phone for a long time. I was able to meet new people and network with some prospects that may not have been possible by our current methods or even a Google search!" -- Julie, Belco Forest Products

"I communicate with our customers primarily through email and some phone conversations all year long. It is invaluable to have a face to face interaction, and NAWLA's Traders Market provides the platform for that." -- Elizabeth Moe, SK Fingerjoint, Inc.

"For me, Traders Market is the ability to meet with multiple customers and suppliers in a very short period of time. It would take months of travel to do the same if the Traders Market didn't exist." -- Tim Folster, Woodtone