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The Mulrooney Award

In its 125 year history, the North American Wholesale Lumber Association has seen many great leaders. One of those was John J. Mulrooney, a career lumber wholesaler who later served as NAWLA’s chief executive for nearly 20 years until his untimely death in 1979.

NAWLA established the John J. Mulrooney award to commemorate his life and career, emphasizing his important contributions to the forest products industry. Since his passing, NAWLA has recognized an elite group of individuals who exemplify the qualities Mulrooney embodied: steadfast leadership, strategic thinking, personal integrity, and service to others.

NAWLA is pleased to present the 2019 Mulrooney Award to the late Jack McKinnon. McKinnon_web.jpg

Jack’s leadership and vision with the founding of Forest City Trading Group (FCTG) were transformational in the growth of our industry. He saw opportunity that others did not, and took risks others were not yet willing to take. The concept of wholesaling was significantly expanded by the companies comprising FCTG.

“Jack, most notably was an innovator, and was charismatic. Those qualities are not frequently found in the same individual. I don't know where the industry would be today if Jack had lived another 20 years,” said Lorin Rydstrom, FCTG board of directors member and longtime friend of Jack McKinnon’s. “I suspect if he had, the industry would be more efficient and effective than it is today because that's what Jack wanted to get done."

This distinguished award was formally presented to members of the McKinnon family at the NAWLA Leadership Summit + WWPA Annual Meeting in March 2019.

Past Recipients 

1980 - J. Ward Allen
1981 - Leroy McCormick
1982 - Hugh Brady
1983 - Louis Huettl
1984 - James Bishop
1985 - Richard Davis
1986 - Warren Hood
1987 - Lester Anderson
1988 - Paul Volcker
1989 - Harry Merlo
1990 - Jack McCracken
1991 - Kenneth Ford
1992 - David Mittell
1994 - John Hampton
1995 - William Swindells
1996 - William Stimpson
1997 - John Furman
1998 - Paul McCracken
1999 - Chris Snavely
2000 - John and Tom Richards
2001 - C.E. "Buddy" Klumb
2002 - John Tyler (J.T.) McShan
2003 - Ted Bloch
2004 - Gordon King
2005 - W.W. Wood
2006 - A.A. "Red" Emmerson
2007 - Tom Tomjack
2008 - Henry Poler
2009 - Aubra Anthony
2010 - Dennis Downer