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2017 Committee Roster

Dave Destiche
Membership Committee Chair
Amerhart Limited
Kyle Little
Membership Committee Vice-Chair
Sherwood Lumber Corp.
Rob Hruby
Membership Committee Member
Weston Forest Products Inc.
Mark Wells
Membership Committee Member
UFP Purchasing Inc. 
Alden Robbins
Membership Committee Member
Robbins Lumber, Inc. 
Craig Sichling
Membership Committee Member
LP Building Products
Harris Gant
Membership Committee Member
East Coast Mouldings, Inc.
Kent Beveridge
Membership Committee Member
Skana Forest Products
Jack Emmer
Membership Committee Member
Viking Forest products, LLC
Laura Ebersberger
Membership Committee Member
UFP Purchasing, Inc. 
Curt Stuckey
Membership Committee Member 
Wholesale Wood Products 
Jim Outram
Membership Committee Member 

2017 Committee Goals

  • 10% Increase in Membership
  • Targets:
    • Achieve 10% new member growth over 2016, welcoming 41 new members or more in comparison to 37 new members in 2016.
    • Focus on 15-20% Service Affiliate growth, particularly in industries of software, marketing, sales, reload, and reward companies. Target is 62 or more Service Affiliate members. 
    • Emphasize regional growth in Midwest and Eastern Canada regions, targeting 5 new member companies in each area.
    • Focus on membership growth in foreign manufacturing, particularly Central American, South American, and European producers.
    • Cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with other membership associations in similar industries.