Get Personalized Feedback on Your Selling and Negotiation Style

Looking for personalized feedback on your selling and negotiation style? Join Scott Olsen of the Olsen Group, NAWLA Executives, and instructors from Oregon State at Wood Masters November 3-4, 2015.

“Scott's approach to negotiation skills is unique. This is not a course about how to dicker over price. Rather, his emphasis is on simple, yet powerful, preparation stressing three main points: knowing what you want from the negotiation, understanding your role and staying aware of how you feel. This emphasis on self-awareness, coupled with the sensitivity to perceive your negotiating partner's mode of interaction and the skill to apply a variety of tactics appropriately form the crux of the course. Scott will help you practice these elements during the course. This can be uncomfortable at times, but that is a good thing. At that point, you know you are stretching yourself. Don't miss it!”
—Anthony Nicoli, Strategic Accounts

View the full course schedule and register today. Only 3 spots are left, so don't delay!

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