Latest on the Next Congressional Pandemic Relief Package 

Today, Senate Democrats blocked a procedural vote on the Republican “skinny” coronavirus relief bill, leaving prospects for the next round of relief aid in doubt.  Fifty-two out of the 53-member GOP caucus voted in favor of the proposal, but 60 votes were needed for the bill to advance.  No Senate Democrats voted for the bill.  NAW and our allies continue to push Congress for action on PPP expansion, liability protection and an end to the $600 pandemic UI benefit.

Now that the measure has been blocked, the next steps aren’t clear.  If House and Senate leadership get bogged down by separate negotiations on a stopgap continuing resolution (CR) to fund the government past September 30th, a next round of coronavirus relief could slip to the lame-duck session or evaporate entirely.

The Republican “skinny” bill included additional federal unemployment benefits, another round of Paycheck Protection Program funding, and more money for coronavirus testing and schools, as well as liability protections from lawsuits related to the virus.  The bill – far less than the $2.2 trillion relief Democrats want – didn’t include comprehensive state and local aid, or another round of stimulus checks for individuals.

Latest on President’s Unemployment Insurance Executive Order

Politico reports today that the extra $300 federal boost to unemployment benefits created under an executive action signed by President Donald Trump is already running out for some states.

Both Texas and Tennessee, some of the first states to start paying the extra benefit, were notified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency this week that they will no longer receive funding to provide the $300 under Trump’s new Lost Wages Assistance Program.  The states were told that funding for the program was to be cut off after the week ended September 5.

Arizona's Department of Economic Security also recently warned that the extra $300 payment could end in the state as soon as this week.  To read the full report, click HERE.

Latest on Economic Recovery and Re-Opening the Workplace

As the Coronavirus Pandemic continues to impact the United States economy and businesses across the nation, it can be hard to decipher how new regulations and laws may impact your business.  To help you manage these issues NAW is providing information about reports, webinars and seminars that you may find useful:

New Bloomberg Series:

What You Need to Know to Avoid PPP Loan Forgiveness Pitfalls

This is the first installment in an ongoing series on how to navigate various pandemic aid programs.  In this first segment, Bloomberg covers loan forgiveness for Paycheck Protection Program recipients, including the most recent news and practitioner Insights on questions to consider.

To read the first installment, click HERE.

From Littler Law Firm:

Dear Littler: What Do We Do If We Cannot Bring Our Employees Back From Furlough?

At the start of the pandemic, our company had to furlough a number of our employees.  We thought we’d be able to fully resume operations by the summer.  Unfortunately, COVID-19 is still widespread in our area.  What do we do now?

From Littler Law Firm:

Bouncing Back: A List of Statewide Return to Work Protocols

Government officials across the country are easing up on stringent business closures.  The chart provides links to re-opening plans and orders that have been issued thus far, at the statewide level.

Stateside Associates publishes a daily report about State and Local Government responses to the evolving situation. 

To read their latest report, click HERE.

We are also providing a link to a spreadsheet that includes state and local COVID-19 response information provided by MultiState Associates.

To view their spreadsheet, click HERE.

Issues Unrelated to COVID-19

Webinar from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services:

CMS is hosting a webinar on the new health reimbursement arrangements designed for employers of all sizes.  This HRA 201 webinar will focus on rules and requirements around implementing an individual coverage HRA, including its integration with Medicare, the rules around COBRA, and methods of reimbursing employees' expenses.  Attendees will also get a chance to ask their questions at the end of the webinar.

Date/Time: September 16th at 1:00pm ET

To register: CMS.HRA.Webinars


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