Take a Closer Look at Boise Cascade Wood Products

Boise Cascade Wood Products has been supplying NAWLA members with quality building materials for decades. While customers know they can rely on us to be a steady supplier of quality plywood, lumber, particleboard and engineered wood products, we are always changing—constantly looking for ways to improve the way in which we serve and supply our customers.

That’s why it’s time to take a closer look at Boise Cascade Wood Products.

Our improvement is coming from both products and service. We’ve expanded plywood, I‐joist, LVL and engineered rimboard production, and we continue to look for ways to expand our presence within our market segments. But we’re doing much more than just adding production. We're also improving the way in which we sell and service our customers. Last year, we appointed two new product managers— Judy Haney is manager of Plywood Sales, and Rich Mills manages Lumber and Industrial Sales. Both report to Mary Jo Nyblad, vice president of Commodity Sales and Marketing for Boise Cascade Wood Products. Haney and Mills have realigned their sales teams to better meet customer expectations and changing market conditions.


Plywood is a commodity business, and Haney has a unique set of challenges. “We’re working to cultivate an inquisitive and knowledgeable sales staff, so that everyone who picks up the phone here can answer questions and provide solutions,” she said. “But we provide more than just product knowledge. We recognize that our customers turn to us for market insights and solutions, not just pricing. ” Second, Haney says they have worked to provide customers with seamless and timely communications about mill production. “Our sales team works closely with our plywood mills to match production with demand, and we make sure we clearly communicate with customers along the way.”


As Lumber/Industrial Sales Manager, Mills says he is also focused on aligning capacity and product mix to meet customer needs, but his team approaches the sales process a bit differently. “We work to proactively develop a strong understanding of our customers’ businesses. We partner with them to match specific needs with tailored product mixes designed to help their businesses run efficiently.”

Mills said he is also focused on building a knowledgeable sales staff so that they can provide the best service possible. “The industrial market is constantly evolving, so we work with our customers to add value through innovation.

Count on Us

Both Haney and Mills say they want Boise Cascade to be a preferred supplier for NAWA members, and they recognize that the way in which they will accomplish this will require a flexible approach. “Our goal is to be responsive in our communications,” Haney said. “As everyone knows, plywood markets can change suddenly and customers need quick responses.”

While each sales team has unique challenges, there are several similarities between the two. Both are focused on having knowledgeable salespeople. Both continually seek ways to improve service and add value. And both are fully committed to meeting the unique needs of their customers.

“Change is constant in this business,” said Haney. “Our business is always evolving. Yet we remain steadfast in terms of our commitment to quality, safety, communication, integrity, safety, innovation, stewardship and other company values. We are also committed to growth, which means we will constantly work to improve.”

Mills agreed, adding, “We support an environment of continuous improvement where people and customers can take on new challenges together and build successful business relationships. That’s really what NAWLA members can expect from Boise Cascade.

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