Help your experienced managers reach the next level with EMI!

NAWLA's new Executive Management Institute (EMI), taking place at Oregon State University (OSU), September 21-24, 2015, is focused on preparing the future leaders of your company for success. The agenda provides a comprehensive view of an executive's roles, from handling legal issues to dealing with customers to marketing for the business and much more. 

Participants will be attend sessions such as

  • Managing Your Partners: Inventory Management 
  • Your Role as an Executive: Establishing the Right Culture
  • Managing Legal Issues: Contract Law
  • Strategic Marketing and Branding
  • Managing Your Customers: Negotiating 

All attendees will also participate in virtual education before and after the in-person session to enhance the learning experience. To see the full schedule of events, click here.

Registration is available and over 50% of the spaces have been filled. Don't wait -- register today!

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