Increase your negotiating power at NAWLA's Wood Masters

If you'd like to enhance your negotiation and communication skills, you are encouraged to attend NAWLA's new Wood Masters course, November 3-4, 2015 in Dallas. Designed specifically for lumber industry professionals with at least three years of experience, this two-day program offers case studies, panel discussions, presentations and role-playing exercises to hone your skills.

In sessions featuring Scott Olsen of The Olsen Group, NAWLA executives, Chris Knowles of Oregon State University and David Johns of Mississippi State University you will learn how to:

  • Enhance assertive communication
  • Counter difficult win/lose tactics
  • Increase the efficiency of your prospecting
  • Build phone and email communication skills
  • Eliminate fatal flaws in your negotiation skills

And, if you're planning to attend the Traders Market, this new course is conveniently scheduled at the same venue immediately beforehand.

Review the full schedule of events and register your sales teams today!

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