Forever Forest – Lets hit the road!

ForeverForest.PNGA while back, NAWLA was approached by the folks from Truth About Trees (who’ve had a steady presence at the Traders Market and Leadership Summit over recent years) and the Omaha Children’s Museum about a unique partnership opportunity. “Forever Forest” is a traveling children’s museum exhibit that will be weaving its way across North America over the next ten years. At its most basic level, Forever Forest is intended to help families learn about where wood and other forest products originate from, its practical uses in everyday lives, how its manufactured and transported all over the world, sustainability, and selective harvesting. The main goal of this exhibit (besides providing a fun learning experience for the children and families) is to enlighten children on how wood products impact their lives positively on a daily basis.

NAWLA is honored to have signed on as a presenting sponsor of Forever Forest, along with many of our friends in the industry. We are excited to watch this exhibit weave its way across the United States and Canada over the coming years, right into the backyards of our loyal members. The mission of Forever Forest aligns directly with one of our goals as an organization of growing the reach of the industry, and providing a path for new folks to experience the many benefits of what this amazing industry has to offer. It is estimated that this exhibit could reach as many as five million children over the course of its 10-year tour, an astonishing figure. While it may certainly take a while, I have no doubt that the impact of this exhibition will be felt for decades to come.

I encourage you to read this short article from the Omaha World-Herald highlighting the exhibition, as it has recently launched - it’s a great read. You can also find more information about exhibition in the Omaha Children's Museum Fall Newsletter

Be on the lookout for more information from NAWLA about the exhibition, and its long, impactful road trip. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but if the exhibit makes its way near you, I encourage you to bring your families, kids, grandkids, neighbors, the mailman, or anyone that you know of that needs to learn more about what we do! Please send in your pictures or experience with Forever Forest directly to me. We’d like to keep a catalog.

I can’t wait to see everyone in Chicago in a few weeks at Wood Masters and the Traders Market.

Thanks, everyone,

Marc Saracco
NAWLA Executive Director

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