Latest on the Main Street Lending Program

As we reported on Monday, the Boston Fed announced that the Main Street Lending Program is now operational and that they would soon release a list of participating lenders.  This morning the promised list of lenders has been released: their website provides a searchable-by-state database of participating lenders.

You can access that database HERE.

Latest on Congressional Pandemic Response

The House and Senate remain in recess until July 20th and will have only a few weeks of session in late July/early August before they adjourn again for the Republican and Democratic national conventions.  The House has already passed another COVID response bill, the HEROES Act, and the Senate is expected to consider a competing bill during the few weeks of session before the political party conventions.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was interviewed by WDRB News in Louisville, Kentucky, on Monday, and his interview is available on-line as a podcast.  In the 15-mimute interview, the Leader discussed likely Senate action on a coronavirus response bill later this month, specifically commenting that he believes the next bill should include targeted liability protection and that he does not believe the $600 pandemic unemployment insurance bonus payment should be extended.

You can listen to Senator McConnell’s interview here: 

His comments on COVID-4, liability protection and unemployment insurance begin at about 1:50 minutes into the interview and run until about 5:00 minutes.

Latest on Economic Recovery and Re-Opening the Workplace

As the Coronavirus Pandemic continues to impact the United States economy and businesses across the nation, it can be hard to decipher how new regulations and laws may impact your business.  To help you manage these issues NAW is providing information about reports, webinars and seminars that you may find useful:

According to data collected by the Fisher Phillips Law Firm, 43 percent of the COVID-19-related workplace lawsuits that have been initiated between employees and employers were filed in the past month.  A total of 283 COVID-19-related lawsuits were filed in federal and state courts through June 30, with 122 of them filed in the month of June, “demonstrating an exponential increase in the number of claims involving disputes between workers and employers,” the Atlanta-based firm said in a statement.

To read the full story, click HERE.

From Reed Smith Law Firm: California’s recent guidance for employers facing COVID-19 outbreaks

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) recently released guidance for employers responding to COVID-19 outbreaks in the workplace.  An outbreak at a non-health care or congregate setting workplace is defined as three or more laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 within a two-week period among employees who live in different households.  The guidance...… Continue Reading

From Reed Smith Law Firm: COVID-19 FAQs for New York employers

Since early May, New York State has published – across multiple platforms – a slew of materials related to business re-openings and workplace-related health and safety.  We developed a FAQs based on some of the more common New York-specific questions that clients have posed to us since May.  The FAQs touch on a host of issues,...… Continue Reading

Stateside Associates publishes a daily report about State and Local Government responses to the evolving situation.

To read their latest report, click HERE.

We are also providing a link to a spreadsheet that includes state and local COVID-19 response information provided by MultiState Associates.

To view their spreadsheet, click HERE.


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