NAWLA 10 Groups are networking forums of approximately 10 members with like interests (from non-competing firms) who get together in a more informal setting to connect about issues that they face and to reflect on how to positively impact their organizations and the industry.

Bethany Doss“The 10 Groups at NAWLA have directly impacted my career by providing a trusted group of people who are like me, dealing with the same issues I deal with on a daily basis. We can bounce problems and ideas off each other with trusted peers and help each other manage our businesses. Additionally, you create a solid group of people that eventually become your very good friends.”  Bethany Doss, Capital Lumber

Tina Breen"Being a part of the first ever NAWLA Woman’s 10 Group (W.I.N), has given me exposure to a new network of industry professionals that I can learn from.  Learning from industry people help me in my day to day business to stay fresh, relevant, and bring new ideas to our company." – Tina Breen, Sales Manager, Manufacturers Reserve Supply

Jim McGinnis“Participating in a 10 Group gives members the opportunity to meet with a small group of industry peers to discuss a variety of topics in an intimate setting. I have learned a lot from listening and interacting with the members of my group.  More importantly, I have gained nine close friends that I can turn to for both professional and personal needs. I consider our group a resounding success!” Jim McGinnis, President and CEO, The McGinnis Lumber Company, Inc

If you are interested in joining or creating a 10 Group, click here.

Existing 10 Groups:

 Delta Group (Full)

Leader: Gregg Riley

(Sitka Forest Products USA)

Meridian Group (Full)

Leader: Bill Price

(All Star Forst Products)

Buddy Klumb Group (Full)

Leader: Steve Rustja

(Weston Forest)

Beta Group (Open)

Leader: Harris Gant

(East Coast Mouldings, Inc.)

Omega Group (Open)

Leader: Chris Penney

(TradeTec Computer Systems Ltd)

Women In NAWLA (W.I.N.) (Full)

Leader: Tina Breen

(Manufacturers Reserve Supply)

Engage 10 Group (Full)

Leaders: Chelsea Brown (Patrick Lumber Company), Haleigh Callison (Olympic Industries)

GenNext Group (Full)

Leader: Bethany Doss

(Capital Lumber Company)

GenNext Group 2 (Open)

Leader: Matt Hamilton

Klumb Lumber

GenNext Group 3 (Open)

Leader: Michael McInnes (Interim)

(Terminal Forest Products)

CFO 10 Group (Open)

Leader: Mark Auxier, Patrick Lumber Company

IT Professionals Group (Open)

Leader: John Lewis

(Snavely Forest Products)

Shelter 10 Group (Open)

Leader: Jennifer Coskren

(RISI/Crow's Weekly Market Report)


  1. Should not compete with any members of group.
  2. Must be unanimously approved by other members of group.
  3. Promise to attend all meetings unless critical personal or company related matters prevent him/her from doing so, and should come to those meetings prepared to discuss the issues on the agenda.
  4. Should be willing to attend any 10 Group meetings or conference calls in addition to those held in conjunction with NAWLA events.
  5. Agree to comply with NAWLA Anti-trust Guidelines while in 10 Group meetings.
  6. Agree to hold information obtained, and matters discussed in 10 Group meetings extremely confidential.
  7. Agree to share his/her personal and company information relative to the agenda topics discussed at our 10 Group meetings, and should be willing to contribute to discussion points raised at those meetings.