Attendance Policies

Only current NAWLA members in good standing will be permitted to attend the Traders Market. As an organization that advocates for and supports the unique value and role of a wholesaler in the supply chain, NAWLA determined that this policy, put into place in 2017, was critical for ensuring consistency with those objectives.

Eligible to Attend:

    1. Genuine WHOLESALER MEMBERS OF NAWLA, as defined by the NAWLA Bylaws.
    2. MANUFACTURER MEMBERS OF NAWLA, and SERVICE AFFILIATE MEMBERS OF NAWLA (as defined by the NAWLA Bylaws) are also eligible to attend, although MUST exhibit. Attendance without an exhibiting booth is strictly prohibited.
    3. All attendees, including booth personnel, are required to submit individual registrations. A minimum of one exhibit booth personnel per booth MUST be registered and paid in full.

        Not Eligible to Attend

        NON-MEMBERS of NAWLA. For membership classifications and qualifications please view the following web pages:

        Please contact us to inquire about NAWLA membership.

        Badge Policy

        Badges must be worn for admittance to all NAWLA functions. Registrations based on bogus company affiliations and badge switching are embarrassing for all concerned, are absolutely prohibited, and could lead to expulsion for the NAWLA Traders Market and forfeiture of registration fees. No alterations to badges or business cards are allowed. Only registrants possessing valid credentials will be permitted entrance to the Market floor or to any other NAWLA Traders Market function. In order to preserve the integrity of this event, registration requirements as determined by NAWLA will be strictly enforced. Questions on the definition of “wholesaler” or other attendee or exhibitor qualifications should be directed to NAWLA at 312.321.5133.

        No one under the age of 18 years, will be admitted or allowed on the show floor.