General Sessions

Keynote: Unleash Your Potential 

Tuesday, October 27
Keynote: Molly Fletcher
Intended Audience: All levels

Potential is one of the most dangerous words in the dictionary. If you achieve it, you're capable of greatness. But missing it means you stay stagnant and frustrated. Using lessons from her career as a top sports agent, Molly gives you a proven 5-step process for unleashing your potential and achieving peak performance.

2020 Insights from Industry CEOs

Thursday, October 29
SpeakersDon Kayne, CEO, Canfor Corporation and Canfor Pulp; Craig Johnston, President and CEO, Forest City Trading Group; Grady Mulbery, President and CEO, Roseburg; Jim Enright, CEO Pacific Woodtech; Matthew J. Missad, CEO, UFP Industries
Intended Audience: Advanced

Executive leaders will discuss the impact of 2020 happenings on the industry and their company operations and, most importantly, what they’ve learned, how they have reacted and what they are planning for 2021. 

Education Sessions

To help attendees navigate the conference program and find the content most relevant to their needs, educational sessions at NAWLA Exchange are organized into the 3 thematic tracks seen below. Attendees are welcome to choose the track that suits them or move between tracks based on their interest and experience. 

Leadership and Managment.png


This track focuses on topics most relevant to lumber industry leaders, and includes sessions on leadership, crisis management and economic outlooks.

Outlook for the North American Wood Products Market: An Assessment of the Short- and Long-Term Impacts of COVID-19

Tuesday October 27
Speaker: Dustin Jalbert, Senior Economist, Fastmarkets RISI
Intended Audience: Intermediate to advanced

In this presentation, we will look back on 2020 and review the key developments in the wood products industry and quantify the market disruptions stemming from COVID-19. We will also assess which disruptions will likely fade once the virus has subsided and which could have a lasting effect on the market going forward. This session is sponsored by Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual.

Leading a Successful Remote Team

Wednesday, October 28
Speakers: Natalie Heacock, Corporate Controller, Patrick Lumber Co.; David Cox, President, FCTG - Richmond; Lisa Richie, Vice President, Recruiting and Talent Selection, Affinity HR Group, Inc.; Tina Breen, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Manufacturers Reserve
Intended Audience: Intermediate

In this virtual world with a scattered team, how do you ensure your employees are remaining engaged and informed? Attend this expert panel discussion to learn tips and tricks for managing a remote staff. 

Crisis Management 

Thursday, October 29
Speaker: Timothy Feddersen, Professor, Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management 
Intended Audience: Advanced

The coronavirus (COVID-19) presents myriad crises for society, government, your organization, and your family. Navigating uncertainty is challenging, and the cost of failure is high. In this interactive session, Professor Tim Feddersen will share insight and guidance on identifying the values that drive your actions, the role of crisis teams, developing a business crisis protocol, and stakeholder communication to help you lead your business through a crisis.

Marketing and Sales.png

Sales and Marketing 

This track is designed with the sales person and marketer in mind. Changes in working environments have forced us to get creative with selling techniques and standing out in a saturated market. Attend this track to get noticed!

One Hammer, No Nails

Tuesday, October 27
Speaker: Tom Foerstel, Founder and CEO, Foerstel Design
Intended Audience: Intermediate to advanced

During this session, we will assembling a new toolbox for attracting and retaining NextGen employees and customers.

Company Brand Growth

Wednesday, October 28
Speakers: Todd London, SVP Sales and Marketing, Sherwood Lumber Corp.; Michael Goodman, Specialty Products, Sherwood Lumber Corp.
Intended Audience: Beginner to Intermediate

Learn methods for your growing your company brand.

Selling in a Digital World

Thursday, October 29
Speaker: James Olsen, Owner, Reality Sales Training
Intended Audience: Beginner to Intermediate

Filled with new challenges and opportunities, the shift to selling in the digital age has been an adjustment for many. From prospecting to closing, this new world we live in has caused us to reflect on how we need to change our sales style, process, and approach. In this session, James Olsen, of Reality Sales Training, helps us navigate through how to reach and sell customers in the digital age. 

Wood Basics.png

Wood Basics 

Building on the content delivered in NAWLA’s popular Wood Basics course, this track focuses on preparing new lumber industry professionals for a successful career and is led by the highly-rated instructors who teach the in-person program.

Intro to Forestry 

Tuesday, October 27
Speaker: David Jones, PhD, Director, Benchmark International
Intended Audience: Beginner

During this session we will explore a brief introduction how we manage forests to mimic what happens naturally in order to get a return on our investment.

Engineered Wood Products

Wednesday, October 28
Speaker: Henry Quesada, PhD, Professor, Virginia Tech
Intended Audience: Beginner

This session will address a review of main wood composites and engineered wood products including technical, manufacturing and marketing aspects.

Current Industry Issues Green Building & Chain of Custody 

Thursday, October 29
Speaker: Chris Knowles, Director of Marketing, Timber Products Company 
Intended Audience: Beginner

From Forest Certification and Chain-of-Custody (CoC) systems to Green Building Challenges, Lumber products has made a defining impact in this space. Join Chris Knowles as he walks through these different initiatives and issues surrounding Green Building projects.

Additional Sessions

Softwood Lumber Trade Dispute

Wednesday, October 28
Speaker: Colin Barker, Director Softwood Lumber, Global Affairs Canada
Intended Audience: Intermediate

Join Colin Barker for a dynamic presentation on the past, present and future of softwood lumber trade between Canada and the United States.