Since so much in the industry has changed lately, NAWLA has recognized that its members and the industry are looking for ways to learn about current issues.

Webinars have been particularly effective lately, as companies have cut back both their travel and training budgets. The webinars allow employees to get the information they need without having the time and expense of an onsite program. It also has enabled companies to have multiple employees to attend, which always helps with the takeaways and long-term implementation of the knowledge.

If you have any questions about our webinars and online learning materials, please contact education@nawla.org.

Upcoming Webinars

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ITR Presentation Series: Managing in an Uncertain Economy

Date and Time:  November 18 | 2:00 p.m. CDT
Presenters: Alex Chausovsky, Senior Business Advisor, ITR Economics and Ian Heller, President & COO of Modern Distribution Management

Ian Heller_Resized.pngAlex Chausovsky_resized.pngThere is no crystal ball, but forecasting is the next best thing you can do to predict your business’s economic future.

Join us for an interview-style presentation series to help your company plan during these unpredictable times. Join economist and forecasting experts Alex Chausovsky and Ian Heller as they provide data and analysis on what to expect for the remainder of the year and Q1 2021. During this six-month series, they will cover industry trends, business to business activity, trade, inflation, interest rates and more. Using leading indicators, attendees will learn how to identify where they are in the business cycle and which inputs should guide their strategy to make the right decisions at the right time.  During the last portion of the session, they will respond to questions participating associations submit via the survey link. Please provide your questions for this session by November 11.

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The Ever Evolving World of Engineered Wood Products: A Panel Discussion

Date and Time:  November 20 | 11:00 a.m. CDT Alese_Lech_Dan_Art.png
Presenters: Alese Ashuckian, Mass Timber Specialist, Structurlam Mass Timber Corporation; Lech Muszynski, Professor in the department of Wood Science and Engineering, Oregon State University; Art Schmon, Author and Managing Director, FEA-produced IWBC; Dan Semsak, Director of EWP, Murphy Company

Engineered Wood Products (EWP) have greatly evolved over the years. Whether it is consulting with others about market use cases, design considerations, and installation recommendations, or discussing the implications of its market growth during a pandemic, EWP is an influencer. As an organization, you may start asking yourself: Where does my business fit into the evolution of engineered wood products? How will the new Mass Timber revolution affect the supply chain? To begin answering these questions, it is important to understand the current state of EWP, the hot issues that surround them, and their market outlook as it greatly influences the building material industry, and other industries. Join us in this panel to discover what the outlook for EWP is now and what future implications it might hold.                          

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Past Webinars

Past webinar recordings are only available to members. 

Understanding Risk Management in the Lumber Futures Market

Date and Time:  October 21 | 12:00 p.m. CDTGreg Kuta_resized.png
Presenters: Greg Kuta, CEO/President, Westline Capital Strategies Inc.; Candice Lucas, Director of Agriculture, CME Group; and Alison Coughlin, Director of Agricultural Research and Product Development, CME Group

Whether you’re buying and selling puts or navigating front-spreads and back spreads, the future’s market can be a whirlwind of opportunity and challenges. Join Westline Capital Strategies Inc’s President, Greg Kuta, as well as CME Group’s Director of Agriculture, Candice Lucas and Director of Agricultural Research and Product Development Alison Coughlin, as they dispel some of Candice Lucas_resized.pngthemyths around the lumber futures trading and walk through some of the best practices while maneuvering through this space.                           

In this sessions you will:                                                                                                                 

• Learn about the basics of the lumber futures contract, and recent changes made                  
• Dispel some common myths around the futures market
• Bolster your risk management strategy planAllison Coughlin_resized.png
• Gain clarity as you navigate through this market

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Speak Like A Pro… Virtually!

Date and Time: Thursday, September 10 | 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. CDT
Presenter: Rob Jolles, President, Jolles Associates, Inc.

Rob Jolles_resized.pngGiven the events of the day, upping your virtual delivery game is no longer an option. Once the crisis is over, this new demand and desire to work and connect virtually is not going away, and that means, it’s time to… Speak Like A Pro… Virtually!

The fact is, more and more sales people will be called on to not just sell, but connect at a deeper level with their clients virtually. When these conversations are conducted properly, everyone knows it. The potential results can be staggering. When these conversations are not conducted properly, everyone knows it. Potential results, time and future opportunities are wasted. Join in this one-hour webinar to learn: 

  • How to create a miniature virtual studio within your office or even behind your desk.
  • Equipment suggestions from bare bones, to budget, to higher-end. 
  • Virtual delivery tips from reducing distractions, body posture, communication techniques, clothing, lighting and gesturing. 
  • How to adapt basic sales and communication techniques to fit a virtual environment. 
  • Tips and techniques to establish an authentic voice and presence on camera. 
  • Maximizing Zoom capabilities from camera location, sharing screen, sending attachments, and more!

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Selling to Different Sales Personas

Presenter: James Olsen, Owner, Reality Sales Training

It is one thing to know how to sell. It is another to know how to sell to different types of people. James Olsen Headshot.PNG

Prospects aren’t all wired the same way. They come with different personalities, and respond differently even to the most polished and experienced salesperson.

In order to have the greatest impact, sales pitches need to pivot and you will need to know what gets your customer to “yes”. Join the owner of Reality Sales Training, James Olsen, on this psychological take of sales, because if you can understand your customer; you can understand your role in the sale.

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Guidance in an Uncertain Economy

Presenter: Alex Chausovsky, Director Of Speaking Services, ITR Economics

Never has it been more critical for company leaders and key decision makers to have a clear, impartial and data-driven perspective of how factors such as COVID-19 and oil price volatility will impact the economy moving forward, and what they should be doing in response. This session from ITR Economics will help you determine the best course of action for the most important part of the economy – you and your business.

We will:

  1. Look at a system of leading indicators proven to signal cyclical turns in the economy and markets.
  2. Present the outlook for the market segments most important to the wholesale lumber industry.
  3. Assess interest rate and other financial market trends, including the latest information on stock market performance.
  4. Consider your three,five and seven-year planning needs and talk about the 2020s and how you should prepare for challenges and opportunities.
  5. Cut through the noise and present our expectation of both the human and the business impact of these black swan events.

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Future Workplace Projections – Adapting to Changes in Sales and Leadership

Presenter: Blair Kellison, CEO, Traditional Medicinals

The food manufacturing and distribution industry has many parallels to the building materials industry. Hear how Traditional Medicinals, a leading manufacturer in the health and wellness food industry, has navigated COVID-19 and how you can learn from their leadership to formulate a plan for your business. NAWLA is pleased to offer a different perspective with a positive focus on leadership and sales. Learn how crisis can also be an opportunity.

Kellison will discuss:

  • The implications for businesses across three major phases of COVID-19:
    • The lockdown period
    • The pre-vaccine period
    • The post-vaccine period
  • What is needed from company leaders during this time to effectively manage your teams
    • Develop your playbook
    • Budgeting and preparing for higher and lower demand
    • Planning for a post-COVID-19 world
    • Opportunities to lead and developing leaders
  • Perspective on the future of sales calls, sales meetings, and trade shows
    • Demand dynamics and projecting demand
    • Sales tools, customer interactions
  • How you need to leverage your mission and values to create your own unique company playbook
    • It takes a village in unprecedented times
    • Be real

Also deemed an “essential business,” Traditional Medicinals has continued operating during COVID-19. Their office of 100+ employees is fully operational working remotely, while the manufacturing facility consisting of 100+ people has continued to operate 24/5.

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IT Health Check: During the Economic Slowdown

Presenter: Joseph Beaulieu, CEO and Partner, eStrategic Technical Solutions LLC

Are you feeling stressed about COVID-19 but finding you have more capacity due to slowing economic conditions? Take advantage by conducting an IT Strategy Health Check with eStrategic Technical Solutions. We will walk through what questions you should be asking yourself to ensure you have the best IT infrastructure in place.

From this health check, if you discover that you do not have the best infrastructure, this slower economic environment will give you the time needed to develop one and prepare for growth down the road. When funds become available again, you'll be able to implement your plan that you created now.

Coming out of the presentation, you will have answers to questions such as:

  • Why should I be considering IT investments?
  • How is "now" a good time to be dedicating time to this endeavor?
  • Where should I start my planning?
  • Are there more efficient ways to run my business remotely?
  • Is Cyber Warfare risk increased due to the pandemic?

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Prospecting in a New World

Presenter: James Olsen, Owner, Reality Sales Training

Between different work lifestyles and environments and a sense of unpredictability within sales, it can be tough to navigate the world of prospecting. Join the owner of Reality Sales Training, James Olsen, for a two-hour webinar. The first hour James will provide and insights on growing your business in the timber and wood industry during difficult times.

This includes:

  1. Why it’s a great time to be prospecting
  2. Credit restrictions as a positive for salespeople
  3. Overcoming prospecting objections
  4. Planning for the opening and selling into it

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Best Practices For Operating Business in a COVID-19 World

Presenter: Claudia St. John, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, President, Affinity HR Group

Many companies in the construction supply chain have remained open as "essential" businesses, while others have had to close or severely limit operations – and are eager to reopen. As states and counties open their economies back up or contemplate plans to do so, businesses are turning their attention to: 

  • Ways to structure a safe work environment
  • Avoiding business disruptions due to COVID-19 exposure
  • How best to layout and sanitize the workplace
  • Safe practices for managing potentially exposed, sick, and recovered employees according to CDC guidelines

Controlling the spread of COVID-19 is not only a commercial imperative; it is also an ethical and moral duty of our businesses and our industry. The health and cooperation of the entire supply chain are important in construction, including the builder, subs, truckers, retailers, distributors, and manufacturers – from forest to frame.

Our industry has been fortunate to be considered essential business in the face of COVID-19. We must work hard to remain safe as we find ways to open up the economy. It is not just washing hands and maintaining social distancing. We must do more to be serious and diligent to protect our employees and to minimize the risk of being curtailed (again) due to COVID-19.

Act now. Save lives. Be safe while getting our economy moving again through the other side of the impacts from this virus. We owe it to those around us and to our society as a whole.

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Employee Considerations for Re-Opening Work

Presenter: Claudia St. John, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, President, Affinity HR Group

While many companies have remained open as "essential" businesses, many have closed and are eager to reopen.  With states and locals contemplating plans to open their economies back up, businesses have turned their attention to:

  • Ways to structure and/or stager a safe return to work
  • How best to layout and sanitize the workplace
  • Safe practices for managing potentially exposed, sick and recovered employees according to CDC guidelines 

Join this one-hour webinar to discuss these issues, and to get answers to your ongoing COVID-19 questions.

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After the Pine Beetle, The Story of Log Supply and Timber Market

Presenters: Jim Girvan and Rob Schuetz

For 15 years from the late 1990’s the pine beetle wreaked havoc in BC’s interior timber supply. Almost 20 years later, BC’s mills and manufacturing operations are still feeling the beetle’s effects. As 2020 enters its second quarter, available log supply in the BC Interior has declined 30% since the beetle population grew exponentially with climate change.

Join BC fiber supply expert and consultant Jim Girvan and Rob Schuetz as they explains the history of the pine beetle, reviews current and forecasted fiber supply circumstances in BC and the forecast of additional sawmill closures. This will be followed by an open Q&A to discuss the implications on how this account impacts the BC Interior sawmill sector and by extension, timber market.

In this member-only webinar the presenter will discuss:

  • Physical and historical review of the pine beetle and the impacts on the timber industry in the interior of BC area
  • Strategic models used for forecasting the effects of the pine beetle on annual allowable timber harvests and the implications for BC interior sawmill lumber manufacturing levels
  • And more!

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Managing Your Credit and Liquidity Through COVID-19

Presenters: Robert Grien, Managing Director, TM Capital Corp.; Jerome Romano, Managing Director, TM Capital Corp.

The rapid onslaught of COVID-19 has led to drastic economic contraction due to closures and stay-at-home orders with acute stress burdening nearly every facet of the economy, including credit and lending resources. In the wake of this, many will be watching closely as banks could seek to restrict clients’ access to credit lines, , borrowers could experience defaults, and “the law of unintended consequences kicks in”.. While the complete picture of a credit crunch is still forming, we believe it is critical to stay proactive with your financial counterparties and discover ways to minimize negative impacts to your businesses.

Join TM Capital’s Managing Directors, Robert Grien, Jerome Romano, and Jonathan Mishkin as they walk through the state of affairs of today’s lending environment, explain how you can navigate these unprecedented times and share some insights into the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Workplace Response - Dealing with Actual COVID-19 Cases at Work

Presenter: Claudia St. John, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, President, Affinity HR Group

Last week it was how to comply with the Families First Coronavirus Response (FFCRA) and CARES Acts. This week, unfortunately, it's about dealing with actual COVID cases at work. As this pandemic matures across the U.S., businesses are evolving from preparing for to dealing with coronavirus infections. They are faced with ongoing questions such as:

  • What happens if there's an exposure in my workplace?
  • What should we do if an employee's spouse gets sick?
  • What documents do "essential employees" need if they're pulled over on the way to work?
  • What if an "essential employee" is afraid to come to work?
  • What documents do we need if someone needs to take Emergency Sick Leave?

Join Affinity HR Group's Claudia St. John to address their frequently asked questions and to answer your questions.

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Employer COVID-19 Response - An Overview of the CARES Act

Presenter: Claudia St. John, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, President, Affinity HR Group Inc.

This webinar will provide the latest updates on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (In effect Wednesday April 1, 2020) and present an overview of the CARES Act. Additionally, Claudia will address COVID-19 Employer responses and legal requirements. 

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Families First Coronavirus Response Act - What You Need to Know

Presenter: Claudia St. John, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, President, Affinity HR Group Inc.

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act established two new federal laws: the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act and the Emergency Family & Medical Expansion Act. In this webinar, Affinity HR Group's Claudia St. John will go over the provisions of the new laws, what they cover, what they don't, and what employers need to know. We will also be taking questions from participants on topics such as:

  • How to comply with the new Families First Act
  • Issues relating to telecommuting 
  • Impacts of "Remain in Place" requirements, definitions of "essential businesses" and more

Download the webinar PowerPoint. 

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Unable to Wash Your Hands of This: How the Coronavirus has Effected the Import and Export Wood Products Industry

Presenters: Paul Owen, President, Vanport International, Inc.; Pete Malliris, Associate Editor, Random Lengths; David Cox, President, Richmond International Forest Products; Zach Yan, Trader, Olympic Industries 

Macro-economic impacts such as tariffs and an increase in imports have impacted the lumber environment. And these shifts continue to ring out with the new developments related to the coronavirus. As COVID-19 continues to take center stage of our public’s health conversation, Lumber organizations and businesses are also getting involved in terms of the health of the global timber and wood market. Zooming in, the confidence surrounding imports and exports change daily, disrupting trading operations from trading frequency to the pricing of lumber composites. Zooming out, at the speed and reach of the virus’s current form it could cause multiple challenges across the entire global wood supply chain.

In order to stay prepared join this panel as they discuss the impacts of COVID-19 in the industry, and how we can remain responsible as we navigate these times.

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Workplace Response: COVID-19 How to Plan

Presenter: Claudia St. John, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, President, Affinity HR Group Inc.

With the COVD-19 virus' impact on people and businesses growing more serious every day, many companies are left trying to figure out their best options for how to protect their employees, balance business needs, and satisfy client demands.

To help you prepare, Affinity HR Group has compiled some important information for you to consider. In this free webinar, they will:

  • Advise on how to manage sick, vulnerable and at-risk employees
  • Offer suggestions on establishing various PTO & sick leave scenarios
  • Cover work-from-home, leave-of-absence and other temporary workplace policies
  • Review federal and state laws that may impact your preparations

Most importantly, they will answer your questions as you craft your own response plan.

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No More Lumbering Talent: Best Practices on Hiring and Retaining Talent in The Lumber Industry

Presenters: Natalie Heacock, Corporate Controller, Patrick Lumber Company, and Dr. Tom Schoenfelder, Principal Scientist & Head of Academic Research and Partnerships, Caliper

In a candidate's market, one of the biggest obstacles lumber companies face is how to recruit and retain talent. From finding and supporting new talent, to setting a standard for success, lumber professionals want to know that their people and processes are growing in the right way. Join this panel of representatives from Caliper and Patrick Lumber Company, as they discuss tools, tips and tricks to attracting the right talent, and help you understand what it takes to have a robust talent acquisition plan!

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The Outlook for the U.S. Economy

Presenter: Dan North, Chief Economist – Euler Hermes North America

The U.S. economy has finally escaped from a decade in the doldrums. Pro-growth policies have spurred optimism in both consumers and businesses, and a strong labor market and rising incomes will support the economy through 2019. But headwinds are starting to emerge. Fed tightening, waning fiscal stimulus, a stumbling housing market, and the possibility of a trade war are all significant risks, and in the long-term, workforce demographics are likely to keep growth rates from returning to levels seen in previous recoveries.

The presentation will provide Euler Hermes' forecasts for 2019, and will examine developments in consumption, manufacturing, housing, financial markets and employment, and how fiscal and monetary policies could affect the economy.

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Lumber Grading 

Presenter: Lon Sibert - Renewable Resource Associates, Inc. (RRA)

This webinar will enlighten the audience about basic, but abstract concepts, related to the grading that one cannot assimilate by simply reading the lumber grading rules.

Participants will not become lumber graders by the end of the webinar (this takes weeks to accomplish); however, they will be empowered with new, substantive information & insight about structural lumber and lumber grading.

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Transportation Capacity - Perception v. Reality 

Presenters: Jay McElroy – President, McElroy Truck Lines, Inc
Don Mattocks  COO/CFO and Partner, Big Level Trucking
Jacqueline Bendon – AVP Industrial Products, Union Pacific
Brian Vittur – Director Marketing Forest & Consumer Products, Norfolk Southern 

Capacity is getting a lot of attention in the transportation circles these days, and its implications are starting to evolve the entire industry. This webinar will provide participants with a greater understanding of current capacity constraints as they relate to both truck and rail freight handling, the current and future impacts of these constraints, industry trends and possible operating strategies to provide solutions moving forward. 

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Hiring Entry-Level/Hourly Positions - Tips for attracting and engaging front-line workers 

Presenter: Claudia St. John - President, Affinity HR Group

Do you have the right strategies to attract entry level and hourly talent.  Have you done everything in your power to retain that talent and reduce turnover? This session will provide an overview of the tips for creative recruiting strategies for hourly workers, and the critical components of how to improve overall employee engagement and retention.  Participant outcomes include:

    • Identifying strategies for improving in-house recruiting efforts
    • Learning tips and techniques for successfully onboarding and retaining employees
    • Understanding the components of employee engagement and how to improve employee satisfaction

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Tips for Hiring In A Tight Labor Market 

Presenter: Claudia St. John - President, Affinity HR Group

With the unemployment rate at historic lows and finding qualified employees increasingly difficult, it is now more critical than ever that you deploy the right strategies to attract talent.  Where is the best place to find talent?  What qualities of your search will ensure that you have greater success in finding and landing talent.  And what are some critical not-to-do’s in your recruiting efforts.  Participant outcomes include:

    • Understanding the unique challenges of the current labor market
    • Identifying successful and unsuccessful strategies for posting your position
    • Learning tips for ensuring that your recruiting efforts are as effective as possible

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Lumber Grading 101

Presenter: Lon Siebert, Renewable Resource Associates, Inc.

This presentation was designed to help lumber traders better understand the products they deal with. Lon focused on how to "read a piece of lumber" and appraise and measure abstract structural characteristics

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Leveraging Credit Information for Profit

Presenters: Mark Erickson, Sr. Vice President at Blue Book Services, Larry McDaniel, Vice President of Finance at Blue Book Services, Aaron Lindstrom, the Pacific Northwest Agent for Euler Hermes

Participants learned trade credit policy and procedure best practices, and how to use these to drive business growth. 

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