2019-2020 Young Emerging Lumber Professionals

NAWLA is proud to announce the inaugural class of Young Emerging Lumber Professionals (YELP). Selected from more than 150 nominations, the group will convene to receive education, network and address industry issues relevant to the next generation. 

Nominees were chosen based upon their work experience, professional achievements and overall contributions to their companies and the lumber industry. Nominees must be employed by a NAWLA member company, be age 40 or younger (as of 10/31/2019) and will serve on a NAWLA committee and/or 10 Group.

Tyler Fenton


Trent Johnson

Blue Book Services, Inc.

Derek Cone

Capital Lumber Company

Craig Smalley

Capital Lumber Company

Brendan Anatole

Carrier Lumber

Kaitlyn Chimko

Dakeryn Industries

Lauren Chimko

Dakeryn Industries

Kyle McWhirter 

FCTG - American International Forest Products

Josh Alford

FCTG - Birmingham International

Eric M. Saylor 

FCTG - Buckeye Pacific

Spencer McKinnon

FCTG - Buckeye Pacific

Darcy Mercer

FCTG - Olympic Industries

Jared Thomas Priestley

FCTG - Plateau Forest Products, LLC

Brian Shepley

FCTG - Richmond International Forest Products

Megan Schnizler

FCTG - Richmond International Forest Products

Jenlian Chadwick

FCTG - Seaboard International Forest Products, LLC

Caleb Clanton

FCTG - Southern Mississippi Trading

Cody Zimmerman

FCTG - Viking Forest Products

Jeff Wiesner

FCTG - Viking Forest Products

Alyson McLaughlin

Flagship Forest Products

Caitlin Tebb

Fred Tebb & Sons 

Dallas Reid 

Hampton Lumber

Tyler Alaric

Millar Western Forest Products Ltd.

Benita Poggemoeller

North Enderby Timber

Natalie Heacock

Patrick Lumber

Chelsea Brown

Patrick Lumber 

Lucas Rodakowski 

Prime Forest Products, LLC

Devin Stuart 

Roseburg Forest Products

Todd London

Sherwood Lumber

Scott Lindsay

Skana Forest Products Ltd.

Jeff Jackson

Snavely Forest Products

Deepak Rai 

Terminal Forest Products

Megan Fangrad 

TIVA Building Products Inc.

Sean Mulholland 

Tri-State Forest Products 

Brian Golanowski

Universal Forest Products

Justin Matthiesen

Weekes Forest Products

Kyle Gibbons

Weston Forest

Brandon Desyatnik

Weston Forest

Harris Mayo

Wholesale Wood Products

KayCee Hallstrom

Zip-O-Log Mills, Inc.