Sales Advantage

A Forest Products Trading Seminar

November 4 | 8 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. | Columbus, OH

Jump-start your Traders Market experience by attending this one-day pre-conference sales seminar. Whether you’re a first-time attendee or an industry vet, you’ll benefit from this workshop that will help you sharpen your sales skills and close more deals. Sales expert, Rob Jolles, will help you gain new insights, network with fellow traders, and leave ready to put your learnings to the test on the tradeshow floor.

This workshop is limited to 40 participants, providing an ideal atmosphere for learning.

Seminar Details

How to Change Minds in the Lumber Industry - The Art of Creating Trust and Urgency Without Manipulation

Surely you know plenty of customers who need to make a change, but despite your most well-intentioned efforts, they resist. Why? Because people fundamentally fear change, and Rob Jolles knows this scenario all too well.  Drawing on his highly successful sales background, and decades of research across industries he lays out a simple, repeatable, predictable, and ethical process that will enable you to lead others to discover for themselves what and why they need to change.

This workshop will:

  • Explore how lumber buyers make decisions, including the three critical decision points they face, and a customer centered approach to working within these decision points.
  • Teach a four-step approach to establishing trust.
  • Demonstrate a repeatable, predictable process for creating urgency within the minds of your buyers.
  • Equip you to skillfully handle objections and close intelligently.

Throughout the workshop, participants will:

  • Role-play to discover more about personal selling styles.
  • Examine interactive case studies to apply tactics learned.
  • Participate in multiple small group activities to improve probing techniques.
  • Take part in Mental Agility® exercises to speed up thought processes when speaking with customers.


Jolles_Rob Headshot.jpg

Rob Jolles | Sales and Training Expert, Best-selling Author

A sought-after speaker and best-selling author, Rob Jolles teaches, entertains, and inspires audiences worldwide.

Rob not only successfully sold for both the New York Life Insurance Company and Xerox Corporation, two of the most respected sales institutions in the nation; he managed their training as well. He co-created the Xerox Institute of Customer Education and was instrumental in creating, delivering, and managing Xerox Corporation’s highly touted customer sales training programs and was responsible for the training of all sales trainers within Xerox for over seven years. These programs, along with his staff of former Xerox Sales Trainers, have allowed him to amass a client list that reads like a Who’s Who of Fortune 500 companies, including Toyota, Disney, NASA, Nortel, a dozen universities, and over 50 financial institutions.

What others had to say about the seminar:

"Sales Advantage allows the opportunity to be educated in a small classroom environment so you can really delve into the topics of sales improvement and psychology with your peers and the presenter. I came away with some specific tips that made me think outside the box and that I will carry on into my own trading in the future, which I feel is very invaluable." - Kalayna Crook, Patrick Lumber Co.

"Learning how to come up with and properly addressing probing questions will help me understand customers’ needs and determine where I need to be to earn their business." - Mike LaFontaine, Doubletree Forest Products